About International GM Awards

General Managers from every hotel often work thanklessly, providing a crucial role that’s integral to the effective running of the hospitality industry – and we were firm believers that they deserved a little recognition for the immensely hard work that they do.

With this in mind, the International GM Awards were launched with the goal of honoring the general managers who work hard around the clock, providing exceptional leadership quality and delighting every guest looking for a memorable stay.

The International GM Awards is hosted and managed by Golden Tree Events Organizing and Managing, Dubai, UAE. The awards represent a showcase of the most influential and hard-working general managers within the hospitality sector from all around the world. For 2021, over 500 GMs participated in this highly prestigious award, coming from global hotel brands including Oberai Hotels, Raddisson Hotels, Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott, Fairmont, Hyatt, Swissotel, W Hotels, Ritz Carlton and hundreds more!

Our vetting and judging process is incredibly thorough, scrutinously analyzing all entrants to ensure that the very best GMs in the world are recognized for their work. The process goes through numerous key stages, including First Level Jury evaluation, voting, and finally, a Final Jury Evaluation. This process allows us to award the world’s most talented individuals for all they do! Our highly experienced jury teams work tirelessly to ensure that every GM entered into the award program is given credit for their sacrifices and hard work, no matter which field they hail from or their expertise in the industry.

It’s time to celebrate their hard work and reward your incredible general managers for all of the contributions they make to take your hotel to new heights, every single day.

With nominees from over 70 countries from five regions and a highly experienced Jury team choosing the winners who are most deserving of the recognition, you can count on the International GM Awards to give your general managers the chance to really show their full potential.

International GM Awards 2022 is now bigger and better than ever! So, If you believe your hotel general manager deserves the medal, then Nominate Now.

Year 2023 Nominations are about to close !!!

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